Our Leadership

Guiding Principles

These guiding principles are ten principles our employees seek to demonstrate to all of our clients.

  • Initiative: Our employees are vigilant in looking for ways to improve, innovate, and create.
  • Servant-hearted: Each employee is here because of their desire to serve others.
  • Teachable: Our employees are receptive to feedback, growth, and earnestly love to learn.
  • Critical Thinking: Our employees see things with an inquiring mind. This kind of critical thinking leads to improvement in oneself and our organization.
  • Pre-emptive Problem Solver: Each employee anticipates problems and solves them before they exist, thereby pre-empting the problem from ever occurring.
  • Result-oriented: Our employees are driven by results. Since we are in the change business, we insure the tools and resources we offer produce results. Results should be measurable and repeatable. Our employees are always willing to evaluate the effectiveness of what we do.
  • Resilient, Hopeful: Our employees help our patients overcome significant obstacles. We help our clients turn tragedies into triumphs and become victors out of victims.
  • Integrity: We do right things for the right reasons. From a clients first contact to ending treatment, we do everything with the highest ethics and integrity.
  • Pursuer of Excellence: Each employee pursues excellence because good enough isn’t. We strive to do things better and create an environment that cultivates excellence.
  • Good Communicator: Relationships are only as good as the communication that sustains them. We value proactive, clear, and connecting communication in spoken and written forms.
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