Success Stories

I am a 50-year-old stair builder and skater from Falling Waters West VA. I have lived most of my life in the DMV area. But I also lived in CA, Florida and New York. I’ve been an addict since age 12 and had a long colorful life in addiction to drugs & alcohol.

I am writing this letter to express my deep thanks and gratitude to Mountaineer Recovery Center. I’ve been to 2 other recovery programs before this, but they were very far from home and didn’t have the tight community feeling that I have here. This place is like a resort. Its food is amazing and groups are very informative as well as comfortable for me to relate and gain the tools for a successful recovery. They allow a lot of freedom as well as keeping a tight system and I love the chapel where I can relax and be in close touch with my higher power. 

I’ve been sober now for 17 days and I feel like the reservations and cravings have been lifted a lot in my short time here. I hope the 28 days could be more but I will take my experience here home and enjoy my new life clean and sober after my discharge. I hope if ever I need help again I can return to Mountaineer and hope I only return for open NA, CA, AA meetings held weekly. But if I need inpatient help this would be my home again.

Thank you Dr. Hartiens for opening this beautiful facility and doing all you do for the patients now and in the future. This area as well as all over the state needs more places to get our lives back on track and you built a great one in Mountaineer Recover Center.

Thank you. 


Recovering Alcoholic/Addict

The Dream Come True

I am writing this to give all my respect, gratitude, and thanks to the Mountaineer Recover Center to say it saved me from the worst addiction problem I was fighting against that almost took my life. This problem is definitely something that can be blinding until reality strikes and the addiction is now a poison that you need professional help with. I can say Mountaineer Recovery Center saved me and brought me back to a safe life I was seeking. It’s program staff and are loving, caring and very supportive.

The 28-day program is something that turns everything around with therapy, doctors, NA/AA meetings and good interaction with peers that are going through the program as well. It’s a life-saving program.

Thank you Mountaineer Recovery Center.


Recovering Alcoholic/Addict

Now open.

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